About Us 


Trillium Dental Care was established in February 2019 when Dr. Young Eun Kim and Dr. Jason Au-Yeung took over the office of Dr. Gregg Sweeney, who cared for the local area for over 38 years.  

They chose the name Trillium, a three-petaled wildflower because it is the provincial flower of Ontario where Dr. Jason is from and also native to Idaho where Dr. Kim grew up. It also reminds them of who they are as Catholics, their relationship with Christ and the Trinity who is at the heart of their practice and the “why” of what they do. 

It has been a dream for Dr. Kim and Dr. Jason not only to be able to practice together as a husband and wife team but also combine their respective fields of general dentistry and periodontics in one practice. They feel very blessed and honored to be able to continue the legacy of excellent patient care established by Dr. Gregg Sweeney. 


Trillium Dental Care is on the west side of Indianapolis, in a professional office building located at 8354 Little Eagle Court, Suite A in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We file all traditional dental insurance, accept all major credit cards, offer care credit patient financing, and our own Trillium Smile Club Membership plan for our patients without insurance.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call (317) 209-3000 or email us at info@trilliumdentalcare.com